Access chat rooms and enjoy a new 3D environment


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What if we added a bit of 3D and the hands of Google to those chat rooms you usually visit? That's exactly what Lively purposes you today. Lively is the new trendy chat client from Google that when run first time reminds you those long afternoons playing The Sims.

The first thing you have to do when accessing Lively is to create your character or avatar by using your Google account, personalize it, choose the clothes it will wear, the sex and the hair as well as the color of the eyes or the eyebrows.

Then if you want you can either enter a chat room or create your own one and decorate it. It's amazing, start choosing the shape of the room and then add pieces of furniture, posters, stickers,...

OK, we could say it is a new Second Life or a new kind of IMVU, but it is different from them. It is more focussed in private chat rooms than in an open world like Second Life and it is a bit faster and more customizable than IMVU, although we also have to say that it can be enhanced a lot.

Finally, you can embed your chat rooms in your blog or website and offer your users a private room to meet and chat with other users.
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